Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Age of Responsibilities

The Age of Responsibilities
by Rizwan Ahmed Memon
I go to work daily
Because I have to
Bring home the bacon.
I have reached the age of responsibilities.

There were days
When someone did this for me.
I just played and went to school,
But now I have reached the age for working myself.

I do not have time for going out,
For swimming in the river,
For playing on the street,
Now I just work and work.

I still remember I went to the river,
And sat under the tall Neem tree.
The dense shadows gave me peace and comfort.
Now I have left the tree, the shadows, and the river.

I wish I could have enjoyed more
My childhood, my days of freedom.
I face this age of responsibilities happily
Because it is inevitable. Everyone will have it.
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