Wednesday, July 30, 2014

You have Changed

You have Changed
Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Village Akil
Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan
July 27, 2014

Dearest Angly,

                I don’t know why you have changed. You don't listen to me anymore. You do things without my permission, and don’t think that I am someone to you.
As you spent previous two Eids at your parents’ house, on this Eid I wanted you to be with me. You again left to spend the Eid there. Why did you do so?

I love you the same way as I did in the past. Each day I see you as if I see you for the first time. My love could never have changed, but your bad conduct with me makes me hate you in my heart.

I have always taken care of you. I bought you everything you asked me. Even you didn’t think whether I had money or not. Somehow I managed to fulfill your every wish. After all this why do you do injustice to me? Why do you give me worries and sorrows in return? Why do you hurt me so?

Truelove never has an ending. Maybe your love was not true. Maybe you had no real love for me because in true love one cannot do what you are doing to me.

Yours forever,


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Save Your Life

Save Your Life
by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.
Sensitive, smart,  my simple friend, sleep.
Sorrow snatches smile,
So slumber swiftly.

Sing such a song
That sinks you in the sea of sweet dreams.
Then shifts you to the sand.
Stay safe. Oh, my sweetheart, save your life.

Friday, July 25, 2014


(by Waheed Hakro Poetry in Sindhi)
English translation by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

There was no beloved before,
There was no grief before.
Day in anxieties, night in thoughts,

Dear, there was no fear before,
There was no beloved before,
There was no grief before.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Your Dear

by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Near you be ever
The fear will disappear
Say in my ear
I am your dear.

Your separation I can’t bear
Come, dear let’s cheer
You love me it is clear
Say you will always care.


All I Know

by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

I am a mortal;
And No mortal is perfect.
Errors I may make;
God is for me at a stone’s throw
It is all I know.

Although I have mind to ponder;
I may get beguiled.
Devil conspires to make me foul
It is all I know.

Adam made a blunder years ago;
He sought forgiveness and gave it another go.
God forgave Adam and made all systems go.
It is all I know.

Do not do good all for show;
Good and bad will be revealed;
After we go.
It is all I know.

To guilty ones paradise Angel will say no;
Your good deeds cup is too low.
Now it is useless if you bow.

It is all I know. 



by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

I have felt nature
Under the green Neem tree.
I have heard the sweet songs of birds
Under the green Neem tree.

I have experienced Soft breeze, heavy winds
Under the green Neem tree.
I have got comfort
Under the green Neem tree.

I have watched waves in the pond
Sitting under the green Neem tree.
I have seen birds catching fish from the pond
Sitting under the green Neem tree.

I have felt peace
Under the green Neem tree.
I have viewed the flowery fields
Sitting under the green Neem tree.

That Green Neem tree is on the levee of River Indus
In Akil, Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan.
It is where I belong.
It is where I have found peace.


Friendship Remains in the Hearts

by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Friendship, when relation breaks,
Remains in the hearts;
Hurts, when friends are strangers,
Life becomes empty, but goes on.

Friends, leave memories when they are gone;
Their voices, laughs echoes in the ears.
Regrets, wishes, reside in the minds,
Till we are gone, too.


Your Old Memories

by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Today I went to that old Neem tree
To refresh some past memories,
To seek some forgiveness,
To get some flashbacks of you,
To feel the love that we had shared.

The wind was blowing,
The tree was swaying,
The waves were rising in the pond,
Your voice started to echo in my ears,
I could clearly picture you leaning against the tree.

Till today everything is as it was
But you have gone.
Your laughs have gone.
Your absence has made me realize
What pain is, what loneliness is.

When I climbed the tree as we often did,
I watched that old cemetery,
And wondered if it was a dream having you in my life.

If that was a dream, I wished I would have never been woken up.

Monday, July 14, 2014


by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Since the day I saw you,
I have lost my peace of mind.
My nights are so long;
My days have no end.
I need to tell you
I am in love with you.

Your beauty has snatched my sleep;
I pass the nights staying up late.
My thoughts turn to you;
My heart longs for you.
I have to tell you
I am in love with you.

Your silence has made me speak;
I speak through writing.
My pen writes about you,
My fingers type about you.
I must tell you
I am in love with you.

Your fine manners have won my heart;
I daydream all the time.
My mind wonders if you love me;
My heart says you love me.
I will tell you
I am in love with you.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Pink, Red, Soft, Long

Pink are her cheeks
That glow
In my room.

Red are her lips
That water
My mouth.

Soft are her arms
That surround
Me at night.

Long are her hair
That shadows
In the day.
--Rizwan Ahmed Memon


Farewell to loneliness
Hello to company
Farewell to lonely walks
Hello to chats
It's my marriage, marriage, marriage.
-- Rizwan Ahmed Memon

My Dream Girl

My Dream Girl
My dream girl speaks softly
My dream girl speaks softly, gently
Speaks softly, gently, slowly
Softly, gently, slowly, mildly.
When she comes in my dream.
--- Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Thursday, July 3, 2014

My Bride

My Bride
My bride is simple
My bride is simple, pure
Is simple, pure, innocent
Simple, pure, innocent, Pakistani
--- Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Lovely Nights

Lovely Nights
Good-bye to bachelor life
Hello t married life
Good-by to long, lonely nights
Hello to beautiful, lovely, nights
She has come, come, come.
--- Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Angly, Angly, Angly.

Is my Angly, Angly, Angly.
--- Rizwan Ahmed Memon