Thursday, February 27, 2014


Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Village Akil,
Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan
February 20, 2014

Dearest Angly,

When a person waits for someone to come, and something to happen, every moment to him or her seems to have no end. A day looks like a decade, a night like a century. However, it has really been so long since I saw you.

The New Year has come, and you have still not shown up. The winter has set out, and the spring has set in, but there is no portent of your coming.

Now, I can’t hold back my tears. I am tearing myself into pieces. Your long absence is killing me. My notebook has no blank paper in it on which I can write more poems to express my longing. There is an end to everything, but why not to our separation? I was reading some novels, just to keep myself busy and amuse my heart, and the novels have ended, but why has this distance between us not ended?

I waited for you, I am waiting, and I will wait, but I now have realized that this separation, this longing will soon end this waiting and it will take my life. I won’t be here to see you come back because the merciless time is stabbing me so hard in my body that I can’t bear its pain, and it will take my breath out of the body.

If we can’t meet in this world, I hope we will meet in the Hereafter, in a perpetual world. I will wait there for you to come in that world, and finally end this separation.

Yours ever,

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