Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Autobiography of One-Hour-old baby

Autobiography of One-Hour-old baby
Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

I don’t have a name to tell you! Since I only lived one hour in this world, my parents couldn’t choose a name for me. I died before they could even decide a name for me. So I am unnamed! 

My mother, who is not educated but innocent, thought I was in her womb for about nine months. But she was wrong. I was there for seven months, when she was in labor. An old woman in the village, who looked after pregnant women; came in and said, “It looks like the baby isn’t ready yet to come out. Don’t worry and take some medicine to relieve labor pain.” My mother underwent ultrasound test, which clearly showed I was a seven-month-old fetus. Unfortunately, she was unable to read and she never knew that. My father, a religious man, couldn’t read as well.

My mother was feeling a great pain due to labor, so she went to another woman, who helped those pregnant women too. There my mother said her, “It is nine months that I am carrying the baby.” So, the woman made my mother give birth through an epidural injection. Then I arrived in this world. I was so weak that I couldn’t cry. I was only about an hour in this world when my breath stopped. I wish I could have lived here longer! Oh that my parents were aware enough to help me properly so that I would not have died so soon. It was not hospital where I was born. No proper care for my mother and me! Thus I lost my life!

My grandparents and my father concluded saying that it was God’s will. They didn’t feel much grief over my death. I was buried soon after my breath stopped!
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