Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Age of Responsibilities

The Age of Responsibilities
by Rizwan Ahmed Memon
I go to work daily
Because I have to
Bring home the bacon.
I have reached the age of responsibilities.

There were days
When someone did this for me.
I just played and went to school,
But now I have reached the age for working myself.

I do not have time for going out,
For swimming in the river,
For playing on the street,
Now I just work and work.

I still remember I went to the river,
And sat under the tall Neem tree.
The dense shadows gave me peace and comfort.
Now I have left the tree, the shadows, and the river.

I wish I could have enjoyed more
My childhood, my days of freedom.
I face this age of responsibilities happily
Because it is inevitable. Everyone will have it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Heart Stops Beating

My Heart Stops Beating
by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

It's as if my heart stops beating
When I am away from you.
Silence prevails all around
When I am away from you.

Nights seem to have no end,
Stars refuse to twinkle,
And moon shines no more
When I am away from you.

Words cannot define
How I feel
When I am away from you.
Every evening brings pain,
Every night I endure suffering,
And every day seems a century
When I am away from you.

My eyes are addicted to the sight of you.
Without you around me I feel dead, 
And life seems useless
When I am away from you.

Now comeback, my sweetheart;
Before our separation takes my life.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Faster than Waves

Faster than Waves
by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Faster than waves,
Stronger than winds,
Severe than storms,
Time is what we cannot predict.

Better than tutor,
More practical than lab experiment,
More meaningful than money,
Time is what we need.

Her Care for Me

Her Care for Me
by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

I cannot deny
Her care for me.
I cannot forget
Her love for me.

She is my support;
She is my friend.
She is my night;
She is my morning.

She makes my meal;
She makes me tea.
She washes my clothes;
She irons my dresses.

She listens to my stories of sorrows;
She encourages and helps.
She has endless love for me;
She breathes for me;
She fights for me.

She is my source of inspiration,
Source of learning true love.
She has made me a gentle man;
She is my life partner, my wife.

If I am, she is

If I am, she is
by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

If I am a dream,
She is my reality.
If I am words,
She is my meaning.

If I am an ocean,
She is my waves.
If I am a desert,
She is my sand.

If I am lyrics,
She is my music.
If I am a body,
She is my soul.

If I am a tree,
She is my leaves.
If I am night,
She is my stars.

If I am a shepherd,
She is my herd.
If I am a poet,
She is my poetry.

If I am a heart,
She is my heartbeat.
If I am a groom,
She is my bride.

Parts of Life

Parts of Life
by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Feelings, good and bad;
Words, weak and strong;
Times, tough and easy --
They all are parts of life.

Friends, faithful and unfaithful;
People, kind and unkind;
Seasons, severe and fine --
They all are parts of life.

Tears of happiness and sorrow;
Ages, from childhood to old age;
Goals, achieved and unachieved --
They all are parts of life.

Mistakes, minor and major;
Regrets, open and hidden;
Memories, happy and sad --
They all are parts of life.

Wishes, positive and negative;
Fears, little and big;
Hopes, high and low --
They all are parts of life.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Time to Leave This World

Time to Leave This World
by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

You wanted to make me yours;
I wanted to make you mine.
You are alone there;
I am alone here.
Oh, my love, this world
Will never let us be one;
It is time to leave this world.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Torment of Love

Torment of Love
by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

May one’s beloved
Not go away from one.
May one not face isolation;
Torment of love takes
One to life’s ultimate end;
May one not have that end
In prime of one’s life.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

All the Lies

All the Lies
by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

She believed his all the lies;
And hid her all the cries.
Her true love for him was a surprise;
He never paid the price.

He had no love in eyes;
Yet she tried his love might rise.
Useless were her tries;
He never cared in all of his life.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Sana’s Regrets

by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

When Mr. Sanu looked back on his past,
He got lost in thought,
And he repented a lot --
The time he had wasted, the mistakes he had made.

I saw a new hope in him in every moment,
But what he said he'd do, he never did.
So he regretted many things --
The money he had wasted, the kind of friends he had made.

He thought of his classmates,
How they had developed before his very eyes.
He became astonished --
By the progress they had made, the success they had achieved.

Sometimes he thought it was luck;
Other times he blamed his laziness
And regretted many things --
The times he had rested, the time he had wasted.

In life he wanted to do a lot,
But procrastination was his fault,
So he repented a lot --
The plans he had canceled, the goals he had abandoned.

He could never build up his confidence;
So all of his life he stayed back, never took any risks, never dared.
At the end of the day he regretted many things –
The chances he had missed, the opportunities he had lost.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Let Me Survive

Let Me Survive
(Dedicated to Ghaza)
by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Bring me peace
So I can live a little more;
Bring me flowers
So I can feel life’s colors.

Destroy me no more
I want to live more;
Let me live
Let me survive.

Oh, people pray for me
That God may give me patience;
My loved ones are killed
I am made orphane.

Oh, humankind have mercy
Fear from God;
And think we are humans like you
Let’s not destroy one another.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

My Happy Days

My Happy Days
by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Those were my happy days --
When I played on the streets,
When I swam in the ponds;
Those were the days of my childhood.

Those were the days of enjoyment --
When I only worried about toys,
When I only thought of games;
Those were the days when I was child.

Gone are those days!
Now life is different.
Now there are financial worries.
My concerns are about my earnings.

I wish I could go back to those days
When I was truly happy,
When I was free of worries.
Those were the happy days.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I Wonder
by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Sometimes I wonder
How man is born,
How he dies.
Sometimes I wonder.

Sometimes I wonder
Who I am,
Why I am.
Sometimes I wonder.

Sometimes I wonder
How this world came into being,
How the sun rises, how the moon shines.
Sometimes I wonder.

Sometimes I wonder
How the night falls,
How the dawn begins.
Sometimes I wonder.

Sometimes I wonder
Why the world is the way it is,
Why the sun only rises from east.
Sometimes I wonder.

Sometimes I wonder
How the birds speak,
How the flowers bloom.
Sometimes I wonder.

Sometimes I wonder
Why I cannot comprehend the world,
Why my mind stops working.
Sometimes I wonder.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Words make us happy;
Words make us sad.
They hurt;
They heal.

Words make us realize the truth;
Words make us lose the right track.
They beguile;
They guide.

Words express emotions;
Words hide the deepest wounds.
They show;
They suppress.

Words create peace;
Words bring rage.
They soothe;
They annoy.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

                   A library is a place where a lot of ideas, thoughts, experiences, sorrows, happiness, wishes, emotions are found in the form of books. For students and book lovers, libraries provide a relaxing, quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Libraries have existed for a long time in our world and will hopefully last well into the future.

                   Libraries are a rich resource. Readers can borrow books from a library. There are plenty of them, from those which deal with technology and science to those on literature and history. Inside a library there are sections dedicated to young and older people. Besides good atmosphere and books for study, a library has a computer lab where learners can surf the Internet and can learn online. Readers in a library dive in the books so deeply that they don’t notice the time, so often they bring their lunch with themselves in boxes. Learners find those students who study the same subject, and they make up their group which is very helpful for combined study and sharing the thoughts out in the park.

                 One should get the most out of a library. Governments should pay proper attention to the maintenance of libraries because they are the best source of knowledge. An educated nation can progress faster and faster and can make itself powerful in comparison to others. Education is the only source of surviving in this world of technology.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Reasons Why People Lie

Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Lies are untrue statements that people tell. Lying is somehow part of human’s nature. People tell lies for a number of reasons depending on the situation.

One common reason for which people often lie is to save themselves from troubles. A student might lie to his teacher if he didn’t do his homework saying he was ill. Another reason is to please others, i.e. a white lie. In this case, a person might tell a lie to his unattractive friend to cheer them up saying they look gorgeous. Their dress is so nice, and the colors look very nice on them, even though they don’t. Lastly, people tell lies and deceive others in order to gain some personal benefit.

There can be a lot more reasons other than those mentioned above because different people go through different situations. However, man should always be honest and tell the truth, for one day every lie in the world will be revealed. A lie can put a person in a difficult situation. One may need to tell a lot of lies just to cover up the first. In the long run, lying destroys man’s character and reputation, while the truth secures respect and a place in others hearts.

Monday, August 4, 2014



Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

                  A housewife is a woman who is in charge of her house and her children. A housewife is a responsible woman. She looks after everything around her, which is why she is much appreciated.

                  I believe that a housewife works more than other women who have a different job. Some women look for a maid to help them keep their houses clean because they don't have enough time or simply find it difficult to do. Also, taking care of their children can be a demanding job for many. One mother once told me, "A lot goes into juggling the many tasks to get food in the house, meals on the table, clothes washed, floors wiped, kids off to school, kids to activities, kids in bed... and make sure they are healthy, happy, and respectful human beings!" However, if we think about it for a while, we realize that being a mother can be a satisfying task. A mother feels happy when she looks after her child. Moreover, no other woman can take a better care of a child than his own mother.

                 We should take better care of our mothers whether they work indoors or outdoors, as they cared for us when we were children. Unfortunately, not many people have had the privilege to know the love of their mothers or their fathers. We should try to appreciate and enjoy every single moment that we are allowed to spend with them.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


If I Could Become Invisible

 Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

                         In the world all the things that we can see and touch have certain attributes, so some are valued more and some less. Nobody has ever been invisible except ghosts, but if I could be invisible, I would try to make this world a better place to live in.

                        Having a magical power may prove to be more helpful than the technology we own today. Nowadays, people fear more from other people than real monsters. Poverty, unemployment, and hunger have led people to commit crimes and suicide. A hungry man doesn’t see what is right or wrong; he just somehow fills his empty belly. I would try to make people happy by solving their problems and by fulfilling their little positive wishes. Every day so many children die of hunger, which is what makes my eyes shed tears. I would provide sustenance by using the money of those people who got it illegally and who do not spend it for the welfare of others.

Saturday, August 2, 2014


My Ideal summer Holidays
 Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

                 Holidays mean the time of rest and relaxation. After long days of hard work, holidays give you the opportunity to take thoughts and worries away and just relax in peace.

                My ideal summer holidays would be on a beach where I can read my favorite novels under a big umbrella, lying on the long deckchair. Spending a couple of days out near the beach and plying on it, sunbathing and fishing along with the person I love the most would be my ideal summer activities. What can be more special than listening to the music of the sea waves, fresh, clean air and a lovely location with romantic atmosphere? I'd make a little sand-castle on the beach that children often make when they play. We’d eat there, make our own tea, fry the fish, and relax and enjoy.

              Holidays become memorable days of our lives. The holidays which leave pictures in our minds are the holidays that we treasure the most. We all must go on holidays once in a year. In so doing, not only we recover all our energies for the future duties, but also we realize that our lives are not only work and study.

Friday, August 1, 2014


Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

                   Man is mortal. Sooner or later, his life will come to an end. After his death his body is buried underground and his grave is made. The place where graves are is known as graveyard. Burial practices and beliefs about afterlife vary from culture to culture.

                   In some religions of the world, such as Islam, people are buried when they die; in others, like Hinduism, they are cremated. Also, in some other cultures dead bodies are embalmed. In Islam when the relatives pay a visit to the graves of their deceased ones, they bring flowers, scatter them on the graves, and pray for their loved ones' peace and rest of the soul. In Islam people believe that there is another world after the death. It is called the Hereafter. They believe there will be a day when all the deceased will be made alive and they will account for what they did in this world to God. That day is known as the Judgment Day. After the Judgment Day, people who committed sins will be sent to the place known as Hell, a tragic place to live in full of fire and other tortures. Those who dedicated their lives to God and did good deeds will be sent to the place called Heaven, a place full of comfort and peace, and all the glories will be there that the good people will want.

                Graveyards stir us to do good deeds and make us realize of the purpose of our lives. Someday we will die and be buried, too, so we must do what we have to, before it is our time to leave this world.