Friday, August 1, 2014


Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

                   Man is mortal. Sooner or later, his life will come to an end. After his death his body is buried underground and his grave is made. The place where graves are is known as graveyard. Burial practices and beliefs about afterlife vary from culture to culture.

                   In some religions of the world, such as Islam, people are buried when they die; in others, like Hinduism, they are cremated. Also, in some other cultures dead bodies are embalmed. In Islam when the relatives pay a visit to the graves of their deceased ones, they bring flowers, scatter them on the graves, and pray for their loved ones' peace and rest of the soul. In Islam people believe that there is another world after the death. It is called the Hereafter. They believe there will be a day when all the deceased will be made alive and they will account for what they did in this world to God. That day is known as the Judgment Day. After the Judgment Day, people who committed sins will be sent to the place known as Hell, a tragic place to live in full of fire and other tortures. Those who dedicated their lives to God and did good deeds will be sent to the place called Heaven, a place full of comfort and peace, and all the glories will be there that the good people will want.

                Graveyards stir us to do good deeds and make us realize of the purpose of our lives. Someday we will die and be buried, too, so we must do what we have to, before it is our time to leave this world.
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