Monday, August 11, 2014

Sana’s Regrets

by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

When Mr. Sanu looked back on his past,
He got lost in thought,
And he repented a lot --
The time he had wasted, the mistakes he had made.

I saw a new hope in him in every moment,
But what he said he'd do, he never did.
So he regretted many things --
The money he had wasted, the kind of friends he had made.

He thought of his classmates,
How they had developed before his very eyes.
He became astonished --
By the progress they had made, the success they had achieved.

Sometimes he thought it was luck;
Other times he blamed his laziness
And regretted many things --
The times he had rested, the time he had wasted.

In life he wanted to do a lot,
But procrastination was his fault,
So he repented a lot --
The plans he had canceled, the goals he had abandoned.

He could never build up his confidence;
So all of his life he stayed back, never took any risks, never dared.
At the end of the day he regretted many things –
The chances he had missed, the opportunities he had lost.
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