Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Reasons Why People Lie

Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Lies are untrue statements that people tell. Lying is somehow part of human’s nature. People tell lies for a number of reasons depending on the situation.

One common reason for which people often lie is to save themselves from troubles. A student might lie to his teacher if he didn’t do his homework saying he was ill. Another reason is to please others, i.e. a white lie. In this case, a person might tell a lie to his unattractive friend to cheer them up saying they look gorgeous. Their dress is so nice, and the colors look very nice on them, even though they don’t. Lastly, people tell lies and deceive others in order to gain some personal benefit.

There can be a lot more reasons other than those mentioned above because different people go through different situations. However, man should always be honest and tell the truth, for one day every lie in the world will be revealed. A lie can put a person in a difficult situation. One may need to tell a lot of lies just to cover up the first. In the long run, lying destroys man’s character and reputation, while the truth secures respect and a place in others hearts.
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