Meet Rizwan Ahmed Memon

"My collection is my reflection. It attracts and instructs the reader. Love is perfection; it is my perception. Man has emotion that is why he has tension. To give this expression, man must have passion.--Rizwan Ahmed Memon
Your dreams will only be dreams if you don’t work hard and make them come true. You define your success by your perseverance. --Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Rizwan’s childhood dream was to change the world by becoming an actor. However, today he is not an actor, but a writer and a teacher with a good reputation. His writings have had an impact on the young and the old. He has succeeded in changing the world by teaching and writing.

Rizwan was born in the village of Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan. He grew up in a village named Akil near the Indus River. When Rizwan was five, his father, who was a teacher, passed away. He was raised by his mother and brother. During his childhood, Rizwan did not play many games, and he was not interested in any particular sport. Ever since childhood, Rizwan has been a lover of nature. His writings reflect this. He received his early education in his own village in government schools. After matriculation, he attended Government Commerce College Larkana where he did his intermediate. For further studies he went to University of Sindh.

Even though English is not his first language, Rizwan writes in English. He developed a strong passion for English when he was in high school. He says he thinks in English, he dreams in English, and English streams in his nerves like blood. He polished his writing skills during the four years he went to the university. There he read a lot and published his first book online. During his first two years at the university, Rizwan spent more time on the Internet and writing than he did in the classroom. As a non-native speaker of English, he thinks his writings need to be proofread by native speakers and professional writers, so he has spent hours on the Internet with writers and teachers discussing his writings.

After completing his bachelor’s in Computer Science in 2013, Rizwan returned to his native village and has dedicated himself to teaching and writing. He earned an MA in English, too. He married in 2014. He has a daughter, Sara.
From high school, Rizwan has inspired and encouraged thousands of students who he has taught in different institutes. Previously, he was a lecturer at SZABIST (IMC) Larkana. Currently, Rizwan is working as a lecturer at IBA Community College Khairpur. He also runs his own institute named The REAL LEARNING Center Larkana (TRLCL), where he teaches English and computer skills.

Since the day Rizwan fell in love with writing, he has written stories, essays, letters, biographies, sketches, and poems that explore many facets of his identity. All the characters whose names begin with the letter ‘R’ are based either on his own life or the people who were close to him. People, love and nature are at the core of his writings.

Shortly after Rizwan became a lecturer at the age of 23, he published his first book The Reflections, a collection of stories, letters, poems, sketches, and essays.

Rizwan’s blog address is RizwanAhmedMemon.blogspot.com
TRLCL website address is

Rizwan was born on January 1, 1992.

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