Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Experiencing, Living, and learning
by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

High spirits
Make you do anything.
Pure thoughts
Give you fine feelings.

High hopes
Breathe soul in your body.
Clear goals
Provide you a compass.

Good books
Bring you guidance 
Good teachers
Educate you.

Good health
Is your true wealth.
Good friends
Bring more life in your life.

Old mistakes
Make you cautious in your present.
Past regrets
Waste your time.

Just move ahead
And learning.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Your Old Memories

Your Old Memories 

by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Today I went to that old Neem tree
To refresh some past memories,
To seek some forgiveness,
To get some flashbacks of you,
To feel the love that we had shared.

The wind was blowing,
The branches were swaying,
The waves were rising in the pond,
Your voice started to echo in my ears,
I could clearly picture you leaning against the tree.

Till today everything is as it was,
But you have gone.
Your laughs have gone.
Your absence has made me realize
What pain is, what loneliness is.

When I climbed the tree as we often did,
I watched that old cemetery.
And wondered if it was a dream having you in my life.
If that was a dream, I wished I would have never been woken up.


Precious peace like pearls
by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

I have a peaceful world;
Because I have simplicity and silence.
I have a peaceful world;
Because I have fewer friends.

I depend on no one but myself;
This way I save myself from hurt.
I have a peaceful world;
Because I have fewer wishes, hopes and plans.

Loneliness keeps me away
From the turmoil of other people.
I have a peaceful world;
Because I have peaceful friends, like nature herself.

Countryside colors fill my life;
I am away from the noise of the city.
I have a peaceful world;
Because birds sing songs here.

The quiet of the night provides nice slumber;
In the day, I write poetry under the shadows of the trees.
I have a peaceful world;
Because I have fewer possessions.

I hope my grave and never-ending world
Will be peaceful, too.
I make something for the Hereafter;
Because this peaceful world is temporary.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Not every person can achieve success in life. Success is reserved for those individuals who are alive with enthusiasm. Positive results accrue to those who face difficulties bravely, clear hurdles forcefully, and never demur from difficult challenges. Those individuals who are victorious are invariably alive with enthusiasm. Success rains down upon the fields of those who face all difficulties bravely and never try to attempt to elude the challenges that may barricade the road to success. The thing which makes one intrepid is ENTHUSIASM. The attribute which develops one’s ability to confront problems and challenges courageously is ENTHUSIASM.

A myriad of folks are inclined to relinquish triumph when they encounter gigantic tasks. But those individuals who continuously grasp for their objective are never forsaken. Despite the fact that they inevitably encounter numerous barriers of all kinds, they stick to their work. They wholeheartedly embrace the tasks which will bring them to that day when their dreams will be realized.

During the founding of Pakistan, Quid-e-Azam encountered seemingly insurmountable troubles. He bore colossal agonies. But it was his ambition which made him courageous, and drove him to achieve his goal of a self-governing country. Benazir Bhutto had a dream of bestowing the blessings of true democracy upon her beloved Pakistan. In pursuing this dream, she lost her life; but she did not let fear overwhelm her or lead her to despair. It was her enthusiasm which gave her the pluck to forge onward.

Success is not like taking candy from a baby. To attain it, one has to deal with immense trials, hardships and obstacles. These barriers to success are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit grows stronger by engaging adversity. Nelson Mandela is a case in point. He fought against racial discrimination and repeatedly encountered unimaginable obstacles on his pathway to success. He ultimately prevailed and proved that no white man is innately superior to a black man. The measure of a man lies in his capabilities and the fortitude of his character. It is these attributes alone which distinguishes one man from another; skin color is irrelevant.

To achieve success, one must be bold enough to put up with inconveniences. Most of our obstacles would melt away if, we would only make up our minds to walk boldly through them, instead of cowering before them. One should consider problems as road signs leading to success, not as stop signs which prevent us from achieving success. We are all aware that we must have darkness before the coming of the dawn. All you need is action; action with enthusiasm. Some people dream of success, while others cannot rest until they achieve it. Again it is our enthusiastic burning desire to succeed and a resolute willingness to endure, which spur us onward toward action, and ultimately success.

When your will to succeed is great, difficulties will inevitably prostrate themselves along your path. You should always brace yourself to face difficulties. With perseverance you will overcome all impediments. A strong will can surmount all obstacles. God never confronts us with more than we can handle. Always keep in mind that what you do today is important. After all, you are exchanging a day of your life for it. If you pursue your dreams with enthusiasm, in due course, success will be yours.



Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Green soil, fresh air, a peaceful atmosphere and pure water; these are blessings everybody wishes for. The hurdle that prevents us from enjoying these blessings is pollution. Pollution changes green soil into deserts, fresh air into hazardous gas, a peaceful atmosphere into a noisy atmosphere and pure water into poisonous water. These blessings can be transformed into curses by pollution. Pollution also leads to scarcity of life.

The modern developments of transportation, industrialization and urbanization have given rise to pollution. These are on the increase and, consequently, pollution is also escalating rapidly. We often face the following types of pollution on a daily basis.

1. Soil pollution:
Soil pollution is caused by garbage, by different kinds of wastes, by consumer products and so forth. Soil pollution is detrimental to good health. Soil pollution can result in diminished crops of fruits, grains and vegetables. Soil pollution sabotages the thick upper layer of soil which is indispensable for growing plants of all varieties. Soil pollution stifles greenery, generates environmental messes and gives birth to diseases. In order to keep soil from eroding, trees should be sown in large numbers. Trees are not only useful for reducing soil pollution, but they are also a terrific source of food and construction material. We need to reduce soil pollution by properly disposing of garbage and other wastes. These should not be thrown into the streets or scattered across the land. Streets must be swept, and cleanness ought to be maintained.

2. Air pollution:
Smoke which is emitted from vehicles, smoke from burning dung, smoke from burning tires, and smoke from industries all result in air pollution. In urban areas automobile smoke and industrial smoke are on the rise. In rural areas people burn dung for numerous purposes. This further contributes to air pollution. Air pollution is injurious to individual and community health, and it eradicates plants. It is also dreadfully perilous for the ozone layer. Certain fluorocarbons and other chemicals can react with the ozone in the upper atmosphere and decrease its ability to protect the planet from harmful UV light. In an effort to keep air fresh, and keep the ozone layer intact, it is essential to lessen these pollutants in the atmosphere. Aimless use of vehicles should be restrained, and purposeless burnings of tires, dung and other things must be avoided. Above all, industrial smoke needs to be reduced.

3. Noise pollution:
Noise pollution is found more in cities than in rural areas. There is noise from vehicles, noise from aeroplanes, noise from trains, noise from industrial production, noise from the loud speakers of street vendors, and noise from horns. Noise pollution affects our sense of hearing causing anxiety, depression, irritation, increased blood pressure and nervousness. In order to achieve salvation from noise pollution, useless horns, bells and music should be curtailed. Radio speakers need to be restricted to low volume and the volume on televisions should also be set low.

4: Water pollution:
Water pollution is caused by industrial chemicals and farm wastes, which are dumped in huge amounts into rivers, canals and oceans. These chemicals and wastes pollute the water, which devastates marine life. Thousands of creatures live in water. Polluted water can exterminate them. When humans use polluted water and consume the contaminated marine life, they often become ill, and in extreme cases can lose their lives. In order to assure an ample supply of pure water, and protect the thousands of creatures which live in water, we must not throw chemicals, garbage and other wastes into oceans, rivers and canals.



Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

This is an old saying. It means the son is inclined to behave the same as his father. The habits which a father possesses, the son will have also. The way a father talks, behaves, and treats others, will inevitably be reflected in his son. The saying implies that the parents are responsible for developing a child’s positive mien and conduct.

Since a new born baby doesn’t know anything about this world, she comes to know step-by-step through her parents, and then via others. Whatever a child sees at home, he invariably adopts as his own. His development will reflect those traits which he sees in other family-members. He follows customs and rules of his family, and acts upon them. So, it would not be wrong to say that, parents can make or mar the child. They can mold their child into a superb citizen, an extraordinary child, a submissive son, an assiduous man, a good and caring son, a selfless man and a philanthropic man. Conversely, they can shape their child into a rude boy, a dishonest man, a disobedient son, an immoral man, a disgusting boy, and a selfish man. The making of a child, good or bad, is in the hands of parents. No father would deliberately want to see his son develop into a bad man. To shape a child’s moral character, a good atmosphere, a nice upbringing and learning are of great significance.

The child should be given a good atmosphere in which to develop. The atmosphere at home should be such, that the child should learn good things automatically. The tone of speech within the home should be polite. Parents should be selfless and look after the poor in daily life. Proper attention and time should be given to a child. Nightly bedtime stories should be shared with the child. Parents should help the child with their homework. Time for playing and entertainment should be provided to the child. On holidays parents should accompany the child for picnics and other outings. The parents should take their child with them when going to parties or other social functions. Parents ought to buy the child good books, so that the child may develop the habit of reading. The parents must discuss topics of morality and ethics with the child. In so doing, the child will develop terrific habits, his mind and thought will grow broader, he will have a sense of right and wrong, and will have positive moral values engrained for a lifetime. He will be polite when treating others, he will render assistance to other human beings in need, and he will be sympathetic. The child will exert a positive influence on society, he will be a good man, and above all an outstanding son.

The Importance of Morality in making Personality

The Importance of Morality in making Personality

Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

It has been said that God does not see the slave’s outer scarring, but the inner beauty. Inner beauty is morality. It is character. Morality plays a crucial role in making a superb personality. A personality which possesses morality is considered paramount. It can be appreciated by everyone, and it shines all the time. Morality results in goodness, sincerity and meekness. These are the things which are the hallmark of remarkable people.

A brilliant personality is always based on morality. One’s outer appearance cannot impress others, in comparison to inner beauty or morality. Morality is at the forefront of Islamic teaching, too. The holy prophet was bestowed with marvelous morality, and it is the most exceptional and admirable quality he processed. One’s personality will become the role model for others. Morality is always at the center of personality. Morality expresses one’s nature, behavior, and way of thinking. We interact with other people through our personality. It is this personality which we should strive to shape into a sympathetic nature, garnished with moral behavior, and a positively uplifting way of thinking. Through good morality one can change others.

Once the Holy Prophet was teased and troubled by an old woman, who used to throw garbage and thorns in his path. The Holy Prophet said nothing. For several days he did not encounter any garbage or thorns in his way. He asked his companions for an explanation of this change in behavior. They told him that the old woman was sick. Then the holy Prophet went to visit her. The woman became very ashamed. She realized that she had annoyed him with her garbage and thorns. Now that very person had come to ask her how she was feeling! The woman was impressed. She then became a Muslim.

One who treats others in the best way possible, and shows good morality, becomes a respectable, prominent and honorable man. Morality brings about good habits, qualities, and reverence. One must try to have good morality. It is one of the best things we can do to become victorious in this world and the hereafter.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

It has been days since we went for a walk together. The winter has set in. I still go for a walk in the morning and evening, but the walk is not the same without you. Everything seems so desolate and sad in your absence.

Today, as usual I went for a walk in the morning to the fields and sat under that Neem tree on that levee. As I left home for the walk, I felt my walk was useless and empty without you. While I was walking, people saw that I was alone. They wanted to know why you were not with me, but they probably thought it was a rude question to ask, so they didn’t. My heart could hear their unasked question. When I reached the fields, the dew on the leaves of flowers was not shining in the sunlight as brightly as it did in the past when we were together. The dew was missing you. The flowers have lost color since you left. They asked me, too, why you were not there with me. Wind blew from the north to amuse the flowers, but they refused to nod. They were as dejected as a wet hen. While walking, I stopped at the pond where we once sat together and stared the water lilies. They, too, asked me where you were. The grass around the pond had dried, and there was no movement in the pond as if all the fish and tortoises had left living since you stopped coming to the pond. Then I moved up to the levee and sat under that Neem tree, where we often sat, laughed, and shared our sorrows. When the tree asked me about you, I told it that you have gone far away from me. Hearing that, it got depressed and every leaf on it took a sigh out of grief with the wind. I sat for a while under the tree, but everything around me had no charm without you, so I left and went home.

I somehow spent the afternoon at home, and again went for a walk in the evening. I decided that I wouldn’t go to the fields, the pond, and the Neem tree because I have no answers to give them when they ask about you, and their sadness only adds to my longing for you. So I decided that I would take the other way and go to the river. I was trying to forget you as you have forgotten me, but despite all my effort I couldn’t. I noticed that it was not just me who missed you but the fields, the dew, the flowers, the pond, the tree, the river, the sand, the sunset, the paths, the birds, the herds, and the twilight misses you, too. When I went to the river and sat on the bank, there were no waves in the river. I remember there were always waves in the river when you were beside me. It was as motionless as a corpse. The river was so calm that its silence was breaking my heart into even more pieces. The sand on its bank longed to feel the touch of your feet. I quickly left the river and boarded the levee. The levee and the path were as desolate as tomb. The time of sunset came, but the sunset was not as mesmerizing as it used to be when your hand was in my hand. The melancholy sun went down. The twilight, which used to last for a bit longer when you were around, passed so quickly that I even didn’t feel it. The birds that used to sing songs when we were on our way home went so silently into their nests that I didn’t hear their voices at all. The herds of cows, buffalos, and goats missed you, too. They moved to the town so sadly that they didn’t fight with one another. The night fell as dark as dungeon, and it grew cold, so I just went home after one more walk without you.


 Life’s Inevitable Facts
Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

When we are born, we all are given a limited timespan. In this timespan, we pass through some stages, namely childhood, youth and old age. In every stage, we find ourselves different and observe the inevitable facts of the life.

When we are children, we care for only our toys, no other matters, no worries, no future plans, and no earning concerns which an adult has. As a child, I kept my toys in the corner of the room. My mother once told me it was the same place where my elder siblings kept their toys in their childhood, and I, too, used that corner for my toys.

Now, I am a grown up. Recently, I graduated from university and got a degree in Computer Science. When I came home, I saw that corner and talked with my mother about it, my childhood toys, and that beautiful childhood life. My mother still remembers everything as I do. She recalled the memories of past, from hiding toys to crying for money and sticking with her wherever she went.

We were talking about our bygone days when my mother said, “The time is about to come when your children will hide their toys in that same corner.” My mother’s sentence made me laugh, but at the same time I realized the inevitable fact of the life.

Though every stage of the life has its own charm and importance, I consider childhood the easiest stage, youth the most prime stage, and old age the most difficult. When we are children, we don’t know much about the world, so the less we know, the less we worry. When we are young, we are independent, and we want everything to be the way we want. When we are old, we almost become like a child again who is dependent on others. All these stages are inevitable.

Is there anybody who can stop their age, who can remain a child or young forever and stop growing older? Is there any person on earth who can bring me back my childhood and that mind which worried only about toys? No one can stop getting older, no one can bring the youth of any old person back, and no one can find an escape from death when it is due.

Death is also one more inevitable thing. One day everyone has to taste death, and enter another world from where we cannot come back again. If we are honest with ourselves, we all will admit we would like to live forever, or for centuries, but it is not possible. Everything has an end. Sooner or later, we all will reach our end.


Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Corruption is one of the major catastrophes, prevailing in many countries. Our country has also fallen prey to this drain on society since its independence. Corruption is a disease which gives birth to so many of society’s maladies, such as robberies, killings and so on. It is the root of all those tribulations which make life difficult.

Corruption is rising day by day. It has established solid roots in nearly every field of endeavor. It exists in education, in business and in numerous other fields. There are many reasons behind its growth. One of the most crucial causes is meager salaries which are not adequate enough to meet household expenses. In these inflationary times, one feels compelled to take a bribe to satisfy one’s needs. An underpaid employee cannot meet the financial needs of his family. He may barely be able to provide for two meals a day. In addition to this, he has to pay fees for his children’s education, he has to maintain their health, and provide for many other household expenses. Fulfilling these responsibilities requires a great deal of money. These duties and circumstances force him to resort to other alternatives to carry out his responsibilities as the family “bread winner”. Corruption quickly becomes a ready alternative to a meager salary.

In order to get rid of corruption government ought to pay more attention to this topic. Government is supposed to keep an eye on every department. Government must maintain a checks and balances system when administering governmental affairs. Government should augment salaries of its employees, so that they may never feel compelled to offer or receive a bribe.

Every one of us should be candid and blunt about this issue. It has been stated in the holy Quran that both the giver and taker of a bribe shall be sent to hell. We all must work sincerely in a concerted effort to rid our society of corruption and to be victorious in the both this world and the next.



Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Wherever you may be in the world, in whichever country you may reside, winds of unemployment seem to prevail. These winds can obliterate a nation. They give rise to upheaval and can weaken the stability of a country. Unemployment can bring development to a standstill. It razes the prosperity of the country. Unemployment fosters adversity, as people become unable to find jobs. While unemployment is, itself, a convoluted crisis; it can also swell the crime rate, and lead to increased robberies, killings, and so forth. In other words, unemployment can be the root cause of numerous problems in society. A jobless person, who faces unemployment, may simultaneously fall prey to many other torments like apprehension, starvation and disquiet. A hungry person has trouble differentiating right from wrong; he is driven by an unsatisfied appetite to commit crimes, so he can extinguish the fire in his belly. He is prodded into filling his belly by hook or by crook. He has three alternatives available to him in order to satisfy the hunger he and his family feel: 1) he may make his livelihood by corrupt means, or 2) by fair means, or 3) by begging. To survive in this world, livelihood is so essential. A livelihood can be secured through productive labor, easily and legitimately.

Unemployment can rise for many reasons. For example, employees may not be adroit at their jobs as demanded by employers. However, it is also true that skillful people are also frequently jobless, due to fewer employment positions, and less opportunities for work. A great number of people, who are educated and skillful, are wandering in the quest for jobs. Many are unsuccessful in finding them. Many of these individuals become so severely disappointed, that they commit suicide. Many protest for jobs but their cries go unanswered. When these people, who are entitled to jobs, are unsuccessful in procuring them, then they have a marked sense of deprivation and failure. This can lead to severe depression, and that is why many of them lose their lives.

In order to reduce or eliminate unemployment, technical education should be offered. If one fails to get a satisfying job, he may then open his own business. Jobs opportunities must be created in diverse fields, through various means. Government ought to pay considerable heed to this problem of unemployment, as it is the root of so many ills. If unemployment decreases significantly, poverty will be vanquished, crimes will diminish, and many other crises will be eliminated or mitigated. Prosperity will begin to dawn.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Variety is the Spice of Life

Variety is the Spice of Life

Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

A life teeming with fun, ecstasy, and enjoyment is not possible without variety. Variety is something which gives life new options, new experiences, and new pathways. All these changes make one’s life memorable.

Variety has a decisive role in life; it adds zing. Variety can make one’s life fabulous. If there is no change, no newness in life, then life will be devoid of merriment, experience, and learning.

If you have been in the same city for many years, your life has probably grown stagnant. Your routine has inevitably kept you busy at work and around the house. If you relocate to another city, you will have new experiences, view life with a fresh perspective, and you will gain new knowledge.

Anyone who faces new situations, new people, and new things, will become adroit, experienced, and knowledgeable. Ordinary things lead to boredom; extraordinary things provide fun, knowledge, and enjoyment. Strive for variety in life. 

There is an old expression: “the more the merrier”. This means that where there are more things to do or more people to interact with, there will be more fun. Likewise, when there are more changes, life becomes more colorful and charming.

It has been observed that older people have more experiences in life than the young ones. It is because the elders have seen and faced more difficulties and predicaments. They have a wealth of experiences, so they know better how to deal with them.

Many people start new activities with great zest, but then fade after a period of time. Why do people give up? The reason is that the initial attraction of new activities will dwindle once these activities become routine. The activities lose their fascination. Our minds need recurring stimulation from new tasks and challenges. A song which you listen to for the first time provides more entertainment than one played repeatedly on the radio. If played often enough it will become boring and irritating. It ceases to entertain you, and then you become desperate for a new tune.

People who do something special, something beneficial for others, something revolutionary, or something amazing are always remembered. People who do these things introduce a kind of variety into life which makes them influential and preeminent.

One must try to have as much variety as one can. One day the game of life will come to an end. If you live your life with gusto and variety, you will be able to look back on your days on earth with contentment and satisfaction. Live your life to the fullest, before it is your turn to cross the great divide.