Tuesday, April 21, 2015



Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Green soil, fresh air, a peaceful atmosphere and pure water; these are blessings everybody wishes for. The hurdle that prevents us from enjoying these blessings is pollution. Pollution changes green soil into deserts, fresh air into hazardous gas, a peaceful atmosphere into a noisy atmosphere and pure water into poisonous water. These blessings can be transformed into curses by pollution. Pollution also leads to scarcity of life.

The modern developments of transportation, industrialization and urbanization have given rise to pollution. These are on the increase and, consequently, pollution is also escalating rapidly. We often face the following types of pollution on a daily basis.

1. Soil pollution:
Soil pollution is caused by garbage, by different kinds of wastes, by consumer products and so forth. Soil pollution is detrimental to good health. Soil pollution can result in diminished crops of fruits, grains and vegetables. Soil pollution sabotages the thick upper layer of soil which is indispensable for growing plants of all varieties. Soil pollution stifles greenery, generates environmental messes and gives birth to diseases. In order to keep soil from eroding, trees should be sown in large numbers. Trees are not only useful for reducing soil pollution, but they are also a terrific source of food and construction material. We need to reduce soil pollution by properly disposing of garbage and other wastes. These should not be thrown into the streets or scattered across the land. Streets must be swept, and cleanness ought to be maintained.

2. Air pollution:
Smoke which is emitted from vehicles, smoke from burning dung, smoke from burning tires, and smoke from industries all result in air pollution. In urban areas automobile smoke and industrial smoke are on the rise. In rural areas people burn dung for numerous purposes. This further contributes to air pollution. Air pollution is injurious to individual and community health, and it eradicates plants. It is also dreadfully perilous for the ozone layer. Certain fluorocarbons and other chemicals can react with the ozone in the upper atmosphere and decrease its ability to protect the planet from harmful UV light. In an effort to keep air fresh, and keep the ozone layer intact, it is essential to lessen these pollutants in the atmosphere. Aimless use of vehicles should be restrained, and purposeless burnings of tires, dung and other things must be avoided. Above all, industrial smoke needs to be reduced.

3. Noise pollution:
Noise pollution is found more in cities than in rural areas. There is noise from vehicles, noise from aeroplanes, noise from trains, noise from industrial production, noise from the loud speakers of street vendors, and noise from horns. Noise pollution affects our sense of hearing causing anxiety, depression, irritation, increased blood pressure and nervousness. In order to achieve salvation from noise pollution, useless horns, bells and music should be curtailed. Radio speakers need to be restricted to low volume and the volume on televisions should also be set low.

4: Water pollution:
Water pollution is caused by industrial chemicals and farm wastes, which are dumped in huge amounts into rivers, canals and oceans. These chemicals and wastes pollute the water, which devastates marine life. Thousands of creatures live in water. Polluted water can exterminate them. When humans use polluted water and consume the contaminated marine life, they often become ill, and in extreme cases can lose their lives. In order to assure an ample supply of pure water, and protect the thousands of creatures which live in water, we must not throw chemicals, garbage and other wastes into oceans, rivers and canals.
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