Tuesday, April 21, 2015



Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

This is an old saying. It means the son is inclined to behave the same as his father. The habits which a father possesses, the son will have also. The way a father talks, behaves, and treats others, will inevitably be reflected in his son. The saying implies that the parents are responsible for developing a child’s positive mien and conduct.

Since a new born baby doesn’t know anything about this world, she comes to know step-by-step through her parents, and then via others. Whatever a child sees at home, he invariably adopts as his own. His development will reflect those traits which he sees in other family-members. He follows customs and rules of his family, and acts upon them. So, it would not be wrong to say that, parents can make or mar the child. They can mold their child into a superb citizen, an extraordinary child, a submissive son, an assiduous man, a good and caring son, a selfless man and a philanthropic man. Conversely, they can shape their child into a rude boy, a dishonest man, a disobedient son, an immoral man, a disgusting boy, and a selfish man. The making of a child, good or bad, is in the hands of parents. No father would deliberately want to see his son develop into a bad man. To shape a child’s moral character, a good atmosphere, a nice upbringing and learning are of great significance.

The child should be given a good atmosphere in which to develop. The atmosphere at home should be such, that the child should learn good things automatically. The tone of speech within the home should be polite. Parents should be selfless and look after the poor in daily life. Proper attention and time should be given to a child. Nightly bedtime stories should be shared with the child. Parents should help the child with their homework. Time for playing and entertainment should be provided to the child. On holidays parents should accompany the child for picnics and other outings. The parents should take their child with them when going to parties or other social functions. Parents ought to buy the child good books, so that the child may develop the habit of reading. The parents must discuss topics of morality and ethics with the child. In so doing, the child will develop terrific habits, his mind and thought will grow broader, he will have a sense of right and wrong, and will have positive moral values engrained for a lifetime. He will be polite when treating others, he will render assistance to other human beings in need, and he will be sympathetic. The child will exert a positive influence on society, he will be a good man, and above all an outstanding son.
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