Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Corruption is one of the major catastrophes, prevailing in many countries. Our country has also fallen prey to this drain on society since its independence. Corruption is a disease which gives birth to so many of society’s maladies, such as robberies, killings and so on. It is the root of all those tribulations which make life difficult.

Corruption is rising day by day. It has established solid roots in nearly every field of endeavor. It exists in education, in business and in numerous other fields. There are many reasons behind its growth. One of the most crucial causes is meager salaries which are not adequate enough to meet household expenses. In these inflationary times, one feels compelled to take a bribe to satisfy one’s needs. An underpaid employee cannot meet the financial needs of his family. He may barely be able to provide for two meals a day. In addition to this, he has to pay fees for his children’s education, he has to maintain their health, and provide for many other household expenses. Fulfilling these responsibilities requires a great deal of money. These duties and circumstances force him to resort to other alternatives to carry out his responsibilities as the family “bread winner”. Corruption quickly becomes a ready alternative to a meager salary.

In order to get rid of corruption government ought to pay more attention to this topic. Government is supposed to keep an eye on every department. Government must maintain a checks and balances system when administering governmental affairs. Government should augment salaries of its employees, so that they may never feel compelled to offer or receive a bribe.

Every one of us should be candid and blunt about this issue. It has been stated in the holy Quran that both the giver and taker of a bribe shall be sent to hell. We all must work sincerely in a concerted effort to rid our society of corruption and to be victorious in the both this world and the next.

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