Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

                   A library is a place where a lot of ideas, thoughts, experiences, sorrows, happiness, wishes, emotions are found in the form of books. For students and book lovers, libraries provide a relaxing, quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Libraries have existed for a long time in our world and will hopefully last well into the future.

                   Libraries are a rich resource. Readers can borrow books from a library. There are plenty of them, from those which deal with technology and science to those on literature and history. Inside a library there are sections dedicated to young and older people. Besides good atmosphere and books for study, a library has a computer lab where learners can surf the Internet and can learn online. Readers in a library dive in the books so deeply that they don’t notice the time, so often they bring their lunch with themselves in boxes. Learners find those students who study the same subject, and they make up their group which is very helpful for combined study and sharing the thoughts out in the park.

                 One should get the most out of a library. Governments should pay proper attention to the maintenance of libraries because they are the best source of knowledge. An educated nation can progress faster and faster and can make itself powerful in comparison to others. Education is the only source of surviving in this world of technology.
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