Wednesday, November 19, 2014

In the Fall

In the Fall
by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

You had said you would come in the fall
When due would be on the flowers--
When the wind would blow from the north--
And when the nights would be cold.

Oh, my love. Please come back
Because I see the pollen on the trees--
The due on the grass in the fields--
And my nights are cold, too.

You had said you would be back
When the days would be short--
When the snow would start--
When the fog would blur the streets.

Oh, my friend. Now the days are short--
The snow falls on the mountains--
And the fog is in the valley--
Please somehow return now.

You had said you would arrive
When the river would flow smoothly--
When the water would dry--
When the sand would appear on the banks--
When the Siberian birds would come.

Oh, my precious. I find no waves--
The water is only at the bottom of the river--
The sand shines in the warm sun--
And the foreign birds in flocks have reached.

Oh, my life. Come back--
Before the fall ends--
Before the flocks flight--
Before the heart stops.

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