Friday, July 3, 2015



Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon 

Mr. President, respected teachers, and dear audience Asalam-o-Aliakum.


Mr. President. We are told about democracy from our schools that it is the government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

President Sir, what democracy is it without the local government? Let me remind you all what local government is: The administration of a particular town, country, or district, with representatives elected by those who live there.

President Sir, the MPA, whom we gave our precious votes, is only sighted once in a blue moon! After the elections he hasn’t bothered to know whether we are alive or dead. He didn’t give us the clean streets that he promised, the hospital, and the school.

Mr. President, I think that MPA has forgotten his promises, but we haven’t forgotten our votes and his promises! The carelessness of our leaders makes us reluctant to give our votes in the next elections.

President Sir, it is high time that we demand such a system in which we have easy access to the person in charge. President Sir, I wonder in whose bellies the funds that were for the development of my locality went! So that is why, I demand the system of local government.

I reject this democracy where the nation is fooled by the names of dead people. Wasn’t that dictatorship better than this democracy? President Sir, my mother cooks in the darkness at the time of Saheri. We open fasts drenched in sweat at the time of Iftari. I ask, where is electricity? Where is clean water? Where are smooth roads?

It sometimes feels that the prosperity of my neighborhood turned its back on us since the day that dictator resigned. Because at that time there was local government. You may call Musharraf a dictator, but you must know that the nation wants relief, peace, and development no matter whether there is dictatorship or democracy. Mr. President, I hear slogans of food, shelter and clothing when there is time of elections. But tell me, where is that food? Where is that shelter? And where is that clothing? The roads the streets of my locality somewhere look like hills, somewhere mines, and somewhere oceans. The streets are full of garbage, spoilt water, and ditches. The drainage system is completely destroyed, and there is no one to take care of all these issues!

Mr. President, we need a system which can make our country a paradise. Because our country has almost become a hell in the hands of so-called democratic leaders. And that system is impossible without the local government.

President Sir, we need to be aware now. We must support the leader who is not merely greedy of power and chair. We should vote the leader who really loves his country and has passion to serve his country and humanity. Thank you.
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