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Bachelor's in Love
Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon


Rameez = A hardworking, gentle student.
Raheela = A beautiful, hardworking and sensitive girl.
Location: University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan

Act One
Scene One

Rameez, a gentle and hardworking student lived in Akil, Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan. On Friday, January 1, 2010, Rameez went to University of Sindh Jamshoro for entrance test for department of Computer Science. That is where his education what he calls bachelor's in love started.

On his first day in the department, he saw Raheela who was also in Rameez class. They did not talk to each other untill Raheela's pen stopped working. She asked for pen form her friend Samreen, but Samreen had no extra pen. Raheela requested Rameez to give her a pen if he had one extra.

Raheela: Excuse me. Do you have an extra pen I could borrow?
Rameez: Sure! Here you are.
Raheela: Thank you.
Rameez: You’re welcome.
Act One
Scene Two

Their class ended, and Raheela forgot to return the pen. The next day, It was computer lab class. Rameez was sitting in the front row, so Raheela saw him and remembered that she had not returned his pen. After the class she met him.

Raheela: I’m so sorry. I forgot to return you your pen.
Rammez: That’s okay. Thank you.
Raheela: By the way, I’am Raheela.
Rameez: I’am sorry, too.
Raheela: For what?
Rameez: I’m sorry because I forgot to tell you my name yesterday. I’m Rameez.
Raheela: Nice to meet you, Rameez.
Rameez: Nice to meet you too. I am sorry, I think I said something wrong. Why should I have told you my name.
Raheela: It is all right.

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