Wednesday, April 15, 2015



Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Wherever you may be in the world, in whichever country you may reside, winds of unemployment seem to prevail. These winds can obliterate a nation. They give rise to upheaval and can weaken the stability of a country. Unemployment can bring development to a standstill. It razes the prosperity of the country. Unemployment fosters adversity, as people become unable to find jobs. While unemployment is, itself, a convoluted crisis; it can also swell the crime rate, and lead to increased robberies, killings, and so forth. In other words, unemployment can be the root cause of numerous problems in society. A jobless person, who faces unemployment, may simultaneously fall prey to many other torments like apprehension, starvation and disquiet. A hungry person has trouble differentiating right from wrong; he is driven by an unsatisfied appetite to commit crimes, so he can extinguish the fire in his belly. He is prodded into filling his belly by hook or by crook. He has three alternatives available to him in order to satisfy the hunger he and his family feel: 1) he may make his livelihood by corrupt means, or 2) by fair means, or 3) by begging. To survive in this world, livelihood is so essential. A livelihood can be secured through productive labor, easily and legitimately.

Unemployment can rise for many reasons. For example, employees may not be adroit at their jobs as demanded by employers. However, it is also true that skillful people are also frequently jobless, due to fewer employment positions, and less opportunities for work. A great number of people, who are educated and skillful, are wandering in the quest for jobs. Many are unsuccessful in finding them. Many of these individuals become so severely disappointed, that they commit suicide. Many protest for jobs but their cries go unanswered. When these people, who are entitled to jobs, are unsuccessful in procuring them, then they have a marked sense of deprivation and failure. This can lead to severe depression, and that is why many of them lose their lives.

In order to reduce or eliminate unemployment, technical education should be offered. If one fails to get a satisfying job, he may then open his own business. Jobs opportunities must be created in diverse fields, through various means. Government ought to pay considerable heed to this problem of unemployment, as it is the root of so many ills. If unemployment decreases significantly, poverty will be vanquished, crimes will diminish, and many other crises will be eliminated or mitigated. Prosperity will begin to dawn.

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