Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Importance of Morality in making Personality

The Importance of Morality in making Personality

Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

It has been said that God does not see the slave’s outer scarring, but the inner beauty. Inner beauty is morality. It is character. Morality plays a crucial role in making a superb personality. A personality which possesses morality is considered paramount. It can be appreciated by everyone, and it shines all the time. Morality results in goodness, sincerity and meekness. These are the things which are the hallmark of remarkable people.

A brilliant personality is always based on morality. One’s outer appearance cannot impress others, in comparison to inner beauty or morality. Morality is at the forefront of Islamic teaching, too. The holy prophet was bestowed with marvelous morality, and it is the most exceptional and admirable quality he processed. One’s personality will become the role model for others. Morality is always at the center of personality. Morality expresses one’s nature, behavior, and way of thinking. We interact with other people through our personality. It is this personality which we should strive to shape into a sympathetic nature, garnished with moral behavior, and a positively uplifting way of thinking. Through good morality one can change others.

Once the Holy Prophet was teased and troubled by an old woman, who used to throw garbage and thorns in his path. The Holy Prophet said nothing. For several days he did not encounter any garbage or thorns in his way. He asked his companions for an explanation of this change in behavior. They told him that the old woman was sick. Then the holy Prophet went to visit her. The woman became very ashamed. She realized that she had annoyed him with her garbage and thorns. Now that very person had come to ask her how she was feeling! The woman was impressed. She then became a Muslim.

One who treats others in the best way possible, and shows good morality, becomes a respectable, prominent and honorable man. Morality brings about good habits, qualities, and reverence. One must try to have good morality. It is one of the best things we can do to become victorious in this world and the hereafter.

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