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Attitude Makes or Mars Friendship

Attitude Makes or Mars Friendship 
Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

A person who is close to our hearts, worthy of praise, and deserving respect is a person with a splendid attitude. Attitude is a way of conducting oneself. It is how we behave and how we treat others. Attitude is a reflection of one's personality.

One who possesses a superb way of talking, treating and presenting oneself takes the place in others’ hearts. People wish to make such person their friend. A man is known by the company he keeps. We can easily tell whether one is polite, caring or rude by that person’s behavior. However, it is not always easy. Those people who use courteous words, treat us cordially, and keep a smile while talking with us, remain in our minds and in our hearts. We always have a tendency to meet them and spend some time with them. On the other hand, those who show disgust, speak angrily, and behave rudely lose a place in our hearts.

I would like to give an example of someone who used to be my best friend. In the early stages of our friendship, my friend was quite considerate; he used to care for me. Whenever I became worried, he came to me and used to inquire the cause for my worry, and he would ask me to tell him my worries, so that I might feel relieved. He used to call me several times a day and ask me what I was doing. His manners earned him a great place in my heart, and high respect in my eyes.

My mornings began by listening to his voice. He used to call me early in the morning and we talked for long time. Even my family members were under the illusion that there was some girl, who had fallen in love with me, and that was why she was calling me all the time. I passed many evenings with him. If I didn’t go to him, he would call me to come, and we used to go for walks along the River Indus. We became such close friends that if we didn’t meet one day, we would complain to each other about the other’s absence. We shared our happiness and sorrow together. Before this friend I used to pass my time alone, by reading books, working on the computer, teaching English, and by doing such other activities. But when he came into my life, I felt that, this was the friend I had always needed. Because of his friendship, my loneliness ceased to exist, and I never felt alone. We often had breakfasts and lunches together. We used to exchange our books, ideas, and all other things. When we met, we used to laugh, joke and play. I still remember every moment that I spent with that friend. In the summer, we used to sit in the dense shadow of a tree in the fields. In the winter, we used to sit in the sunlight in the park. He used to tell me if I ever left him, he would never make another friend again in his life. He would not depend on anybody; he saw the whole world as unfaithful. He used to tell me to send him at least five mobile messages every day, because he didn’t want to see his mobile having no messages from me.

I got used to meeting him. I made a habit of calling him, and if I didn’t meet him, I felt great disquiet. For me it is so hard to define it. In my prayers I always thanked God for granting me a perfect friend. Such a great, pure and strong friendship never seemed to be broken. But it broke up, because of his BEHAVIOR.

That person who was always so crazy about meeting me, stopped meeting with me. The one who couldn’t live without making calls to me, stopped calling. The one who used to care to a great extent for me, stopped caring. The one who sent me messages every day, stopped sending messages. Just imagine how hard it was for me to live without the person who had become my companion in loneliness. He was the one who provided me a shoulder to weep on, who became the only way to remove my loneliness. My friend’s polite behavior changed into rude behavior. Despite that, I kept going to him, but he never seemed willing to meet. He began to use harsh words with me, and this act hurt me greatly. He kept his mobile off most of the time. If we ran into each other, he spoke angrily and left quickly. I wanted to know why he did this. What had I done to him to make him hurt me? Truly, there was nothing I could think of.

Then my loneliness started again. I am so different, and my nature doesn’t easily allow me to connect with others. That is why I often remain alone upstairs in my room. Before my friend, I used to be alone, but that loneliness didn’t upset me as much then as it did as now, after him. I was constantly lost in thought over why my friend had turned on me, and to this day I have not yet found the answer. Perhaps, he was selfish, or he replaced our friendship with another. Now I have become settled in my life alone. Now I have become accustomed to my solitary life. Whenever I met him, he offended me, and because of his behavior, he lost that special place he had in my heart. His treatment of me in a rude way cost the respect he had in my eyes. In front of others, he used to disrespect me. All these things brought about a complete breakup, but I still miss him and will miss him the rest of my life.

So, my true example reminds you all that you have to be caring, polite and true to your friends. Use courteous words with friends. Keep a smile on your lips while talking to them. Never try to play with others' feelings as my friend did because God likes those people who are kind, selfless, and true to other human beings. Attitude is that thing which makes or mars a friendship, as seen when my friend’s polite attitude made us friends and his rude attitude caused our breakup.

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