Tuesday, February 11, 2014


 Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Village Akil
Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan
June 16, 2013

Dearest Angly,

           It's raining again tonight and the time is 1:48. Everything is fine here except I feel your absence more deeply. We could have been together long ago, but some people have been an obstacle in our way. Some say I don't earn anything; others say I won't be able to deal with the challenges of life. However, I am doing my best, and I'll show everyone that I can do anything. Hopefully, God will help me as always.

          I have done such extraordinary things in a society where hardly anyone does something. I am attending university which is my highest achievement. I've learned how to use the computer and I have been studying English. I consider these my achievements. How can they say I haven't done anything?

         Soon I will graduate from university and get you anyhow, so my lonely days will cease to exist. I'll work hard to earn enough money to make you happy and fulfill your wishes. I feel sad most of the time without you. People keep hurting me, but I believe that if you were here with me, all my worries and wounds would disappear.

Forever yours, 

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