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A fish with golden gills
Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

There were different living animals in the River Indus, and they came from different parts of Pakistan and India. The river flowed far away into the ocean. In between many species were caught by humans for their food and other uses. Among those species was a fish with golden gills.

A scholarly traveler from Egypt had brought the fish, and he had thrown it into the River Indus. People say the traveler had been sent by God with that special gift which humans had lost.

One fine morning a fisherman was fishing, and he saw that something golden had come into his net. He didn’t notice it was a fish. He took all the other fish from the net, but he didn’t touch that golden fish. When he threw his net on the bank, half in water, the golden fish started to move. He then realized it was a fish. He quickly tried to catch it, but the fish was gone. At noon, he told other fishermen that he had seen a golden fish. At first, the sailors made fun of him saying he had gone crazy, but then after a few days one other fisherman saw it. They all decided to catch the fish and keep it separate in a pond where it might give them baby fish with golden gills.

All the fishermen gathered and threw their nets in the river from different directions. They continued their search for three days. The sailors caught a lot of fish and other species. They distributed a huge amount of fish among the villagers and sold everything in the city for a lower price. On the third day, a little boy, a son of a fisherman, brought a little net in his hands and said, “Are you searching for this fish? It is already dead!”

The villagers and fishermen thought that they killed the fish, and if they had not made any mess in the river, the humans would have gotten golden fish. They thought that God had sent them a gift which they lost because of their greed.
Respond to the story:

If you were one of the fishermen, what would you have done?
What message has the author portrayed in this story?
In your life have you ever been that greedy about something? Share the experience with a classmate, friend or the teacher.
How many days did the fishermen continue their search?
What damage did they cause to the life of fishes, frogs, tortoises and other species?
Greed is a curse. Explain. Write a short essay and show it to the teacher, friend etc..
Tell the story to your friend, classmate or teacher in your own words.

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