Monday, August 4, 2014



Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

                  A housewife is a woman who is in charge of her house and her children. A housewife is a responsible woman. She looks after everything around her, which is why she is much appreciated.

                  I believe that a housewife works more than other women who have a different job. Some women look for a maid to help them keep their houses clean because they don't have enough time or simply find it difficult to do. Also, taking care of their children can be a demanding job for many. One mother once told me, "A lot goes into juggling the many tasks to get food in the house, meals on the table, clothes washed, floors wiped, kids off to school, kids to activities, kids in bed... and make sure they are healthy, happy, and respectful human beings!" However, if we think about it for a while, we realize that being a mother can be a satisfying task. A mother feels happy when she looks after her child. Moreover, no other woman can take a better care of a child than his own mother.

                 We should take better care of our mothers whether they work indoors or outdoors, as they cared for us when we were children. Unfortunately, not many people have had the privilege to know the love of their mothers or their fathers. We should try to appreciate and enjoy every single moment that we are allowed to spend with them.
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