Saturday, August 2, 2014


My Ideal summer Holidays
 Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

                 Holidays mean the time of rest and relaxation. After long days of hard work, holidays give you the opportunity to take thoughts and worries away and just relax in peace.

                My ideal summer holidays would be on a beach where I can read my favorite novels under a big umbrella, lying on the long deckchair. Spending a couple of days out near the beach and plying on it, sunbathing and fishing along with the person I love the most would be my ideal summer activities. What can be more special than listening to the music of the sea waves, fresh, clean air and a lovely location with romantic atmosphere? I'd make a little sand-castle on the beach that children often make when they play. We’d eat there, make our own tea, fry the fish, and relax and enjoy.

              Holidays become memorable days of our lives. The holidays which leave pictures in our minds are the holidays that we treasure the most. We all must go on holidays once in a year. In so doing, not only we recover all our energies for the future duties, but also we realize that our lives are not only work and study.
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