Friday, July 3, 2015

Religious Harmony and Tolerance Create a Peaceful and Prosperous Society

Religious Harmony and Tolerance Create a Peaceful and Prosperous Society

Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon

Distinguished guest, respected teachers, and dear audience Assalamu-aliakum.

The topic of my speech is “Religious Harmony and Tolerance Create a Peaceful and Prosperous Society.”

Mr. President. Let’s make it clear what a peaceful and prosperous society is. A peaceful and prosperous society is that society where everyone cares for one another, respects one another, and helps one another. The people of a peaceful and prosperous society are always united.

President Sir. Now let’s have a look on our society. Is it peaceful? I don’t think so. Our society is divided from every angle. We don’t have tolerance and harmony for one another. People hate one another on the grounds of their sector Shia, Suny or Wahabi. We have forgotten that we are of one kind having one God.

Mr. President. The time has come to be united otherwise this world will be a battlefield which has already almost become a battlefield. The act of blasphemy in Franc and assassination of Dr. Khalid Mahmood Soomro are clear example of religious intolerance.

President Sir. How can I call this society a peaceful society where little children become victim of attacks? Everyone’s heart is still crying for the children of Army Public School. Malala Yousuf Zae was attacked because she was getting education. Mr. President, every religion has given rights to the women. Everybody knows that God says if you kill an innocent man, as if you killed the whole humanity.

President Sir. Now we need to be open mind. Our ignorance, our intolerance has given us nothing but problems. Let’s now follow the path of harmony and peace so that we can have a prosperous and peaceful society and world.

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