Tuesday, June 9, 2015


My Childhood Friend

by Rizwan Ahmed Memon

I made you my fast friend,
But you proved to be a false friend.
They say friends cheat.
Did you follow the trend,
My childhood friend?

My wedding ceremony
You didn’t attend.
You left me
At the end,
My childhood friend.

I hope you’ll
Make amends.
And will be together
Till the world ends,
My childhood friend.

Whether you return
Or not, it depends.
I look forward to seeing you
On this weekend,
My childhood friend.

In your memory,
Poems I have penned.
I thought a letter
You will send,
My childhood friend.

Don’t bring this to an end.
Don’t be a fair-weather friend.
Lend me a helping hand.
Again call me your friend,
My childhood friend.
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