Sunday, May 11, 2014

(12) Someone Who Runs the World

Author: Rizwan Ahmed Memon 

Village Akil
Larkana, Sindh Pakistan
May 2, 2014

Dearest Seemi,

          It is evening, and I am out for a walk again. It is a little windy today. The old Neem tree, under which I often sit when I miss you and where I have often written stories and poems, is beside me, and I am writing this letter on my laptop. Today as I was coming home from work, one anxiety came into my mind. I thought about my income. 

I know my income is less than what we had hoped it would be. I am working as a private teacher. I can lose my job at any time. These realities made me scared for a while, but as I looked around me, I saw many people working on the streets. I thought about them and realized that their jobs are also temporary. They don’t have government jobs, and their income must be insufficient. They all are working just as laborers. Despite all that, I saw that they were happy in their lives.

By the time I reached home, I decided that I would never be worried about my income or money anymore. I realized that it is someone else who runs this world, and it is God and He has the responsibility of providing sustenance to all humans on the earth.

Well, keeping that in my mind, I also realized that God helps those who help themselves. I will not just sit at home. I will work and use all of my energy to make enough money for our survival. No doubt money is important in our lives, but I feel there are things more important than money. One should not dedicate one’s life just to making money. If all of the essential needs of humans are fulfilled, they will concentrate on something different and important.

By the way, a few days are left until our wedding. I am all prepared. I am mentally relaxed and ready to be married and take on its responsibilities. I feel I have done all the necessary steps that I had to do during my bachelorhood. For instance, completing my education and getting proper skills. I feel that whatever bachelor life I had to live, I have lived. I am ready to get married.

One more thing I have realized in my life is that sometimes things don’t happen according to our plans. All we can do is just try our best.

Seemi, this might be the last letter of our unmarried days! All the letters I have written to you; I have on my computer. One day, these letters will serve as a guide to many people in their lives. I believe that one should not keep one’s experiences and feelings secret because there is no use in keeping secrets and letting them die with us. Also, I believe that someday every secret on the earth will be revealed. These letters are not to be secrets. I will publish them on my blog and let people know our love story.

See you soon, Seemi.

Yours forever,
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